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Fun Cat Lame Cat Beanies Collection

The Fun Cat Lame Cat Beanies Collection designs on our caps feature the two iconic cats, with no caption. This makes them a great gift if you want an ‘in-joke’, and it’s also an understated way of showing your Fun Cat leanings to those in the know.

Our Fun Cat Lame Cat Hats come in a range of styles to suit all tastes. Our cotton twill cap has the inconic cats embroidered onto it, and features an antique brass finish and a metal snap buckle. The faded cotton twill has a vintage feel to it, which makes it a great accessory for your casual outfits.

For those who prefer a more modern, sporty look, our trucker cap is a great option. Meanwhile, the beanie is an understated addition to your winter wardrobe.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the much-loved lame cats in our lives. They’re the people that are just a little too serious, but that we love anyway. Whether you’re a lame cat who knows you need to chill, or a fun cat who always finds themselves asking “Why so serious?” this is your chance to show your allegiance and inject some laughs into your life.

All of our products are made using the highest quality materials. The logos are embroidered onto the caps with careful attention to detail to ensure a great finish that will not peel or fray, so that you will get to enjoy the product for many seasons to come.