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Long Sleeves

Women’s Fun Cat Lame Cat Long Sleeves
Let’s face it. You can never have too many t-shirts!

If you’re looking for something different from standard sportswear, or those freebie long sleeve t-shirts that you picked up from fun runs and other sporting events, why not add some Women’s Fun Cat Lame Cat Long Sleeves to your collection.

Our stylish tees are available in a range of sizes and colors, and are made from top quality, brushed ring-spun cotton for maximum comfort. Our quirky and eye-catching prints are produced using the latest printing technology to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the vibrant colors and bold designs wash after wash without fear of the image cracking, peeling or fading.

Be The Fun One

Fun Cat Lame Cat’s designs let you poke fun at your friends, family and workmates. We all have that person in our life that we love dearly, but that tends to be a little lame at times. Show them that you know you’re the fun one, and remind the world that it’s OK to loosen up every once in a while with these clever designs.

Our mischievous cats are sure to get noticed and these t-shirts are a great conversation starter. They make a great gift for someone with the right sense of humor, being a fun in-joke as well as a striking design.

Our goal is to help you bring awareness to those much loved lame cats in your life. We have a range of activewear and casual wear, and our t-shirts can comfortably fit both categories. Wear it on Casual Day at the office, or when you’re heading to the store. Or wear it to lift or do yoga at the gym, the choice is yours.

You can be a fun cat, a lame cat, or an in-betweener, but if you’re wearing one of our awesome tees, you will always be a well-dressed cat!